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DB Schenker leading green logistics provider

We are constantly optimizing our business – and our look is no exception

As a leader in the logistics industry, our company has been a first-mover in technology, sustainability, and community relations (shown throughout COVID-19 and similar events). Simply put, we are continually growing and evolving using a customer-first approach. To match these ongoing changes, our brand had to evolve as well. We are pleased to announce the new brand image that truly speaks to the current state of our business and our overall long-term strategy.

Our new look will show you our company’s secret weapon, our competitive advantage, and our biggest responsibility — our people. They are our brand, and this is shown every day through their tireless work, commitment to our community both internally and externally, and their dedication to our customers. Our new look is our way of honoring them. That is why we have started to visit our regions to capture our team at work — whether in the warehouse or at the office. This new look will show the emotion behind our brand, and most importantly, the people that make our brand unique.

Rudy Vetter Portrait

"We change the logo’s environment, instead of the logo itself. We therefore ensure that the brand’s core remains true while showing the brand's development at the same time. With emotionalizing our external appearance, we emphasize our company’s identity, which was already there, and we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a bigger spotlight on it."

Rüdiger Vetter, Vice President Global Marketing of DB Schenker

New visual language — capturing slices of life

Our new imagery will display “Slices of Our Life in Logistics” by focusing on real people in real work situations. As mentioned, our employees are our biggest assets, and they are the real heroes of our industry. That is why our new brand imagery will convey their enthusiasm and an attribute that our customers constantly rave about when discussing our team — their can-do attitude. Our motifs are honest and natural, which embodies the profound appreciation that we have for our customers.

New colors and layouts — modern design and highly flexible for global use

Our old and new visual elements are optimized for an open layout, providing the opportunity for increased flexibility, which is essential in the digital world. By keeping our customers’ needs in mind, we maintained a clear and consistent design that also supports creative freedom through modern and dynamic elements. The stories we tell are as diverse as the media we use to express them, and that is why flexibility was our main priority when we redesigned our brand. By incorporating a layout pool that includes a selection of different surface modules, we are welcoming in even more creativity and storytelling elements.

Press Release

DB Schenker has opted for an updated visualization of its own brand. The transition to a new visual language of the world’s leading logistics provider starts immediately.

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