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World Oceans Week: DB Schenker Malaysia holds cleanup activities to collect trash from the beach

To celebrate World Ocean Week and DB Schenker’s 150th Anniversary, Malaysia’s Ocean Freight team members got together for a beach cleanup. The main purpose was to raise awareness of the immense impact of ocean trash on wildlife, people, and local economies.

It is estimated that more than 11 million metric tons of plastics are entering the ocean every year. Every bit of effort helps. Malaysia’s Ocean Freight team was therefore proud to be part of the ocean conservancy movement.

DB Schenker in Malaysia organized two different cleanup events, which took place early June. The first event was held at Pantai Morib in Banting. For the second event, a group of enthusiastic DB Schenker volunteers collected waste at Forest City in Southern Malaysia. The volunteers removed a total of 10 big bags full of water bottles, bags and cans and other waste that accumulates on the Malaysian beaches.

World Ocean Day may be over but keeping the planet healthy does not stop. As part of DB Schenker’s 150th anniversary campaign, we continue to support the work of global charitable organization, Ocean Conservancy.

A special thank you to all volunteers for walking the talk and for stepping up to protect our planet. 

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