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    Market Update

    Market Update Region MEA

    Market Update

    Thank you for visiting our page and showing interest in our MEA Market Reader. Below you will find brief summaries for a quick overview of the latest supply chain developments in the Middle East and Africa region. You can download the full version from the beside section for a more in-depth analysis.

    If you need more information or have specific questions, our experts are available to help. Please send an email to with the subject "MEA Market Reader MORE INFO" detailing what you would like to know, and our team will be happy to assist you.

    Summary of the Market Update 05/2024

    Developments in the Middle East and Africa

      • Weekly price average at the end of CW 14 is at $111.30/bbl – An increase of 4.3% vs the prior week and 3.5% vs the prior month
      • Global cargo CTKs increase by 11.9% YoY mainly driven by e-Commerce and Middle East Crisis
      • Crisis continues to have a significant impact on Air and Ocean
      • DB Schenker has continued to build API connections with airlines to speed up the cargo booking process, this time connecting with Emirates SkyCargo
      • African cargo saw 22.0% year-on-year demand growth in Feb 2024
      • Emirates clears vast majority of Dubai cargo backlog as capacity returns
      • Etihad Cargo introduces cool dollies
      • The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has authorized China Southern Airlines to commence passenger and cargo services, between Saudi Arabia and China
      • Etihad Cargo and Astral Aviation operated the inaugural Nairobi-Abu Dhabi flight on 21 March 2024
      • Royal Jordanian has received a new A321-200PF freighter, bolstering its capacity to meet the cargo industry's increasing demand

      • As the round-Africa routings normalise, and the carriers’ service networks stabilise, schedule reliability has started to slowly creep up. The global schedule reliability score for March 2024 improved by 1.6 percentage points M/M to 54.6%. That said, global schedule reliability is still not on par with the pre-crisis score of 61.8% seen in November 2023, but it is slowly getting there. On a Y/Y level, schedule reliability in March 2024 was -7.9 percentage points lower
      • The average delay for LATE vessel arrivals also improved, decreasing by -0.52 days M/M to 5.03 days. This figure is now marginally better than it was pre-crisis in November 2023 i.e., the increase in delays due to the Red Sea crisis seems to have been reverted. On a Y/Y level, the March 2024 figure was -0.03 days lower
      • Of the top 13 carriers, 11 were able to record a M/M improvement in schedule reliability in March 2024, with the largest improvement of 11.1 percentage points recorded by Wan Hai. CMA CGM recorded the largest decline of -1.8 percentage points.  On a Y/Y level, none of the 13 carriers recorded an increase in schedule reliability, with Hapag-Lloyd recording the smallest decline of -2.2 percentage points, and PIL recording the largest of -18.1 percentage points
      • Schedule reliability increased on Asia-NAWC by 5.2 percentage points M/M to 49.3% and on Asia-NAEC by 4.1 percentage points M/M to 37.6%. Asia-NEUR increased M/M by 3.2 percentage points and Asia-MED increased by 6.9 percentage points M/M to 37.2% and 40.0%, respectively. Schedule reliability decreased M/M on Transatlantic Eastbound by -1.8 percentage points and increased on Transatlantic Westbound by 7.7 percentage points to 61.1% and 50.9%, respectively. Europe-Oceania recorded the largest M/M increase of 20.0 percentage points to 56.3%. Asia-ECSA recorded the largest M/M decrease of -14.1 percentage points to 35.5%. Europe-Oceania also recorded the largest Y/Y increase of 46.3 percentage points to 56.3% and Middle East-Europe recorded the largest Y/Y decline of -32.5 percentage points to 31.4%


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