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DB Schenker Lead Logistics Container Crane

Our innovations

We are passionate about driving the development forward. We want to contribute to sustainable transport, new business opportunities and a more efficient business. Therefore, we are involved in several different innovation projects.

With an increasing flow and a great desire to continue to reduce harmful effects on the environment, high demands are placed on future transports. Trends like automation and connectivity drive development forward and new, smarter, solutions are constantly being tested. In order to achieve the necessary and quick results, we cooperate with companies, academies and authorities. Everyone with a focus on sustainability.

Our partnerships

Climate neutral freight transport on road (KNEG)
The purpose of the initiative, which we participated in, is to show how climate impact from road-borne transport can be reduced by means of cooperation. Within KNEG, a number of projects are being run with the aim of reducing the climate impact. The group consists of Chalmers University of Technology, Vehicle Gas, Gothenburg Center for Environmental Development, Lantmännen, OKQ8, PostNord, Preem, Renova, Sweden's Transport Company, Stora Enso, the Swedish Transport Administration and Volvo Trucks.

Network for Transport Measures (NTM)
An organization that works to promote and develop the transport sector's environmental work and contribute to qualitative measurement of the transport's environmental impact.

Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG)
Members' activities account for approximately 85 per cent of the world's maritime transport. The goal is for the industry to have 0 percent greenhouse gas emissions.

CLOSER gathers academia, business and government agencies for new collaborations and projects to develop and disseminate knowledge about how transport can be made more efficient. DB Schenker is an active partner in CLOSER and is a member of the board. Projects like Dencity and HCT are part of the collaboration with Closer.

European cooperation organization for transport, logistics and customs services whose goal is to strengthen and improve the industry's presence from a European level.

NMC is a network for organizations that want to share knowledge, experiences and ideas about sustainable business.

Forum for Transport Innovation
Forum for innovation in the transport sector gathers actors who want to participate and create an innovation climate that enables joint solutions.

German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce
The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is working to strengthen cooperation between business and industry in Germany and Sweden.

Current innovation projects