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More efficient and environmentally friendly logistics with digital locks

A more efficient logistics chain that simplifies reception for the recipient and greatly reduces the supplier's emissions. DB Schenker and Qlocx pilot project using digital locks has proved to be a hit. Erik Nordqvist at DB Schenker tells us more about the project.

Hello Erik, tell us about what started this project.
— It all started in the beginning of 2018 when our customer Hilti wanted a delivery sent to a container equipped with a Qlocx lock on Skanska's construction site in Solna. Together with Qlocx we created a solution where only the driver, who has a shipment addressed to the delivery container, has access via a digital key.

How does it work?
— A Qlocx container is placed on the construction site where the lock can be opened with a temporary key. Usually the container is placed in the outskirts of the construction site, which means we don’t have to enter the actual site. DB Schenker's driver receives the key in a mobile application developed by Qlocx. When the shipment is delivered, the driver's key is erased while the recipient receives a delivery confirmation message on their mobile phone.

What are the main benefits?
— Efficiency, safety and flexibility. The recipient at the construction site no longer needs to stop their work to receive a shipment, which saves time for both the recipient and the driver, who doesn’t have to spend time finding the right recipient. Less vehicles makes the construction site safer, and it’s also a flexible solution where the recipient can retrieve the goods when it suits them, and our driver can loosen quickly and safely without interrupting any work.

In the long run, we get a more efficient logistics chain where we can deliver goods in the evenings and nights, also avoiding car queues, which is positive from a sustainability point of view.

Which places are included in the project?
— Our solution is currently used in various parts of the country together with a number of large construction companies and several different customers.

What about the future for digital locks?
— The development of digital locks is moving fast thanks to the obvious advantages for both receiver and supplier. Digital locks can be placed almost anywhere, on a delivery container, a parcel box, an outer door or delivery gate to name a few. I believe in a rapid increase in digital locks in the market for both company deliveries and private deliveries.