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Quiet and emission-free truck in real traffic

At DB Schenker, we are testing a full-electric truck in real traffic, and in a commercial flow, as part of the DenCity project. - Our truck supplies goods around Gothenburg and contributes to the city becoming even more attractive to live and work in, says Ida Falkeby, project manager at DB Schenker Consulting.

Hi Ida Falkeby, DB Schenker Consulting. What is the purpose of the project?
— As part of our work on converting to a sustainable transport supplier, we want to try how the technology with electric drive works in our traffic. We supply goods as usual, but completely without emissions and also less noise. This of course also means that the working environment for our drivers is improved.

What part do we play in this?
— Our role is to contribute input from our everyday life in a logistics company and to test Volvo Trucks' new electric truck in one of our real flows, which we look very much forward to doing.

How do we test the truck?
— First we test the car in a fenced area, but the big test will be carried out in our real flow where the haulage company TGM will use the vehicle in Gothenburg. The goods that are to be shipped belongs to Coop and will therefore need to be chilled.

How does the car work?
— It runs on electricity only and can drive about eight miles fully charged. The idea is that it should be charged at the terminal at night, but if necessary it can also be charged during the day.

Why is it important for us to be part of this?
— We have a responsibility in our role as a logistics company to contribute to a better environment and part of it is to be involved in various innovation projects to test new environmentally friendly solutions. Our goal is to be the forerunner in the environmental area, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is our most important goal. Electric vehicles, such as Volvo Trucks' new electric truck, mean that we can reduce our emissions, which is a hugely important piece of puzzle in protecting our environment and reaching zero emissions. Being part of DenCity and developing and testing an electric vehicle means that we can more quickly take advantage of the new technology that comes out in the market.


DenCity is a collaborative project that develops innovative solutions for sustainable personal and freight mobility in dense neighborhoods with high demands on attractiveness, accessibility and sustainability. It is run by CLOSER, a neutral platform that gathers actors from business, industry, universities and institutes, cities, regions and authorities to collaboration and projects that lead to increased transport efficiency.

DB Schenker participates in one of five sub-projects within DenCity called Zero emission deliveries together with AB Volvo, Coop and the City of Gothenburg. The haulage TGM is also an important part of the project.