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"I want my son to know I did something"

Since early September, an electric hybrid truck from Scania has been used in daily distribution traffic for DB Schenker in central Falun, Sweden.

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– It is more expensive than a regular truck and we will never be able to get a return of the investment, but there are values other than the economic ones that matters to us, says Fredrik Fagerström, CEO of Godsservice who owns the car.

The trucks that Swedish riders buy today will roll for at least ten years if nothing happens to the truck. Therefore, it is important what choices they make when the vehicle fleet is gradually replaced over the next few years.
– It is impossible to know which vehicle types will have a secondary value in 10 to 15 years. But we see this car as a recruitment tool for today's young people who are environmentally and technologically interested, says Fredrik Fagerström.

By 2030, Sweden should have reduced its CO2 emissions by 70 percent.
– By then my eldest son is a teenager, and I want to be able to look him in the eyes without being ashamed that we did nothing for the environment.

The truck is a hybrid that will be powered by electricity or HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) - a synthetic diesel that can provide up to a 90 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. The driver can choose to run on electricity or HVO - or a mixture of both.