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3 questions about Elons logistics solution

Hi Markus Luthman, Logistics Development, Elon. Can you tell us about your new sustainable terminal setup in Finland?
— Yes! We will use three DB Schenker-terminals. Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. We will also do some direct delivery of larger shipments directly to Vantaa.

Why is this arrangement sustainable?
— Because we will distribute the goods trough three terminals instead of one. Transports from Sweden to Finland, with a high load degree, linehaul will geographically move closer to the final destination. This allows us to shorten the distribution and reduce the number of shipments.

Biggest advantages and disadvantages?
— We see three advantages: shorter lead times. Better quality thanks to less terminal handling. Lower costs, thanks to high load degree that reaches a larger geographical area and thus shorter distribution. One disadvantage may be that a critical mass, in terms of volume, is required in order to utilize the potential. Either from a specific customer - or if DB Schenker has more customers in the same area which together can create a similar arrangement.