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3 reasons to love the new domestic premium offer

Now we are even smoother for both you and your customer. We shorten lead times, but not only that. We offer such high quality that we dare to promise you the money back if we, against all odds, would not deliver on time.

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Just like before, you can transport goods to Umeå, Landskrona or wherever you want, every day. Fast and reliable. With our premium offer, the transport is even safer and more predictable.

  1. Your goods always get the highest priority
  2. If we, against all odds, were to deliver after 17.00 on the scheduled day, you will get your money back. We are so confident that we deliver on time.
  3. Extra early delivery with two new options: Premium 10 and 13

If you are the adventurous type and just drive on, you can book DB SCHENKERsystem premium here. Are you the slightly more thoughtful type who would like to read a little, a little more? Click here!