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5 Ways to Help Your Small Business Friend

This fall, we talked about how you can help your small business friend in five easy steps:

  1. Share and comment on social media posts
  2. Tip about good accountant ....
  3. And investors, insurers, hairdressers, good local pizza. Yes, really anything that can save some time!
  4. Offer to clean their (certainly well-neglected) home
  5. Send a link to the Logistics Guide for Small Businesses

That was then. Here comes a new list - after Corona.

Suddenly, there may be plenty of time. Unfortunately. In stressful times creativity and great ideas are not always “top of mind”.

  1. It is no longer possible to physically meet customers. Here's how to be a little MacGyver to your friend. Inventive! Home delivery or a new web shop may give customers exactly what they want and need.
  2. Digital marketing. Many people are quarantined and spend their time on the internet. Fix website, come up with great marketing ideas or help start up a web shop.
  3. Home deliveries - drive yourself or contact us!
  4. Your small business friend might make the world's best furniture, or be passionate about silver jewelry. But filling out five million papers to get help from the state might not be the strong side? If you do it together, it could be easier.
  5. Sit down, offer a cup of coffee, and remind your friend that this too shall pass. There are many out there who are in the same boat – you can certainly help each other and come up with good ideas together.

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