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Direct flights to China with salmon and fish

We are starting direct flights with salmon and other marine products from Iceland to China. The first trip was last week. Shipping of fresh products are more cost-effective than flights across Europe, but most importantly, the products arrive to customers in less time. 

Three 767-300 Icelandair passenger jets - from the beginning of April
We are used to transporting products from the Icelandic health system to China. Mostly clothing and sampling pins, to fight covid19. Valdimar Óskarsson, MD DB Schenker Iceland, says the need there is lessening. But at the same time there is a growing need in the United States, South America and Africa. If a second wave of the epidemic will occur, the products need to be transferred.

Free trade agreement with China 
Iceland is the only country in Europe that can sell salmon, rainbow trout and char in Chinas large and growing market without having to put a filter on the product price, thanks to a free trade agreement. Earlier, salmon and other marine products that have been exported to China, have crossed Europe. Obviously, that takes longer time, especially if the product must wait overnight, rather than 12-13 hours direct flights from Iceland.

50 trips to China 
This new option will be available for the next few weeks. Around 50 trips to China will be made during the contract period.