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New express train from Shandong Province

Now you can send goods by block train from Yantai in China to Duisburg / Hamburg in Germany. The first train departs from Yantai on March 20th, then continues once a week.
̶ Together with our colleagues in China, we have made this offer, precisely because there is no train from the region today, says Sven Reissig at Multimodal solutions.

The lead time from start to finish is 21 days. Then add some time for transports to and from the terminals.
̶ We tested this arrangement last year and it was a success. So of course we will continue, says Sven Reissig.

Why book the express tain to Shandong?
̶ It's a quick and cheap alternative. In addition, the train departures are close to your customers and suppliers in the Shandong province.

Book now!
Contact Sven Reissig at or Torgny Snecker at

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