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Skaraborg Eco Shuttle climate compensates for farmers project in Rajasthan

With Skaraborg Eco Shuttle, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 97 percent compared to road transport on the same route. The remaining three percent are climate compensated for all our customers who transport goods on this route.

– We will climate compensate the remaining three percent to make Skaraborg Eco Shuttle completely climate neutral. The money is invested in a farmer's project in Rajahstan, India. Where harvesting residues from mustard plants create environmentally friendly energy, create jobs and a stronger local community, says Joakim Eriksson, Vertical Market Manager at DB Schenker.

The truck runs on fossil fuel between Falköping and customers
The rail transport between Gothenburg and Falköping takes place with electrified locomotive. Local transport between Falköping and the customer creates some emissions. But all emissions in the transport scheme are climate compensated, says Joakim Eriksson.

The money goes to the Rajahstan farmers project
We chose to offset climate change for the farmers project in Rajahstan because much of our cargo comes from Asia. There is a natural connection and we also think that is where it does the most good, says Joakim.

This is Eco Shuttle Skaraborg
When goods come from all over the world by sea transport to Gothenburg, all containers are loaded into the train, Skaraborg Eco Shuttle, and then goes to Falköping. There everything is reloaded to the truck for transport to the customer. Or in the opposite direction for export to the world. The train, in combination with sea freight, is an effective solution for many. The entire transport, from the shipping port to Skara is climate neutral and has an electrified locomotive that runs on green electricity.

New! In order to meet increased demand, we have periodically increased the number of departures from 5 to 8 departures per week.

New! Since the beginning of the year, we also load maritime export goods at the terminal in Falköping for further transport by Skaraborg Eco Shuttle to Gothenburg and further out in the world.

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