Together, we will become climate neutral

One of our most important missions is to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 70 percent until 2030 and to help achieve Sweden's goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045.

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By 2030, we will have lowered our emission by



Reduction of emission (land transport) since 2006



This year’s sustainability Report

Our journey towards zero emission

Fossil fuels have a major impact on global warming and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased significantly as our dependence on oil has increased. Efforts to replace fossil fuels is ongoing and investments in renewable fuels such as renewable electricity, biogas, ethanol and HVO are increasing every year, which creates ever better conditions for us to evolve.

Electric cars, trucks, hybrids and bikes

Electricity will play a very important role in the transition process. However, electric vehicles are not the only piece of the puzzle. The transition to electricity also requires increased capacity in the power grid, charging infrastructure and greater access to renewable electricity.

Biodiesel contributes to our results

Biofuel has, for many years, played a very important role for us in our efforts to reduce carbon emission. Today, about 35 percent of the fuel we use is biodiesel. Biodiesel is either HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) which is produced from pine oil or offal, or RME which is made from the beautiful yellow flower rape.

Sweden is investing heavely in biogas

During the year, several of our hauliers applied for and received financial support to invest in new biogas trucks, including Skänninge Godstransport AB in Mjölby. Here, together with our customer Toyota Material Handling and the municipal company Tekniska verken, we have developed a biogas-based transport solution.

Rail is becoming more and more popular

We transport large quantities of goods by rail and has been doing so for a long time, both nationally and internationally. The Skaraborg Eco Shuttle transport gods by rail from Gothenburg to Falköping. Another exciting rail solution is our DB SCHENKEReurasia service, wherein we transport goods from China to Sweden by rail.

Demand for efficient train solutions

Innovation Projects

We want to be a part of and drive the development forward. We want to contribute to sustainable transport, new business opportunities and more efficient operations. That is why we are involved in several different innovation projects

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Autonomous truck – The Einride Pod

Einride is a Swedish tech company that develop a sustainable transport system using autonomous, electric vehicles. On 15 May 2019, the first Einride-pod started driving on a public road in Jönköping. This was the first commercial installation of its kind in the world.

Fully electric truck - Volvo

We were the first to test Volvo Truck's fully electric cargo truck in ordinary operations. The truck has many benefits - reduced emissions and reduced noise in urban areas, as well as an improved working environment for drivers and other employees. Now the project is completed and our carrier TGM continues to lease the truck.

Digitala lås - Qlocx

A Qlocx-container is placed on, for example, a construction site and the lock is opened with a temporary digital key. When the shipment is delivered, the recipient receives a text message with information and digital key. The main advantages are efficiency, safety and flexibility.

Exact location - What3Words

W3W is a simple and exact method to describe different locations. The system entails dividing the planet’s entire surface into squares measuring 3x3 metres allocated names based on three words. The method simplifies delivery to places with inadequate addressing, such as construction sites or forest roads.

We reach further when we work together

Cooperation is important as it helps us to pick up the pace. That is why we collaborate with our customers, hauliers and suppliers, as well as authorities, academia and other companies in the business world.

Customer collaboration reduces emission

Environmental consulting for our customers is one of the three focus areas of our environmental strategy and an especially important part of our transition work. Together with our customers, we are striving to test and develop the sustainable logistics solutions of the future while strengthening our customers’ competitiveness.

We evaluate and collaborate with our suppliers

Collaborations and partnerships with our suppliers and hauliers are very important aspects of our sustainability work. It is of great importance to us to choose the right partners and regularly evaluate their performance. Most important to us is that we work with committed partners who share our goals.

Collaboration leads to change

We are also engaged in several collaborations focusing on creating new sustainable transport solutions: Transportföretagen, KNEG, CLOSER, Fossilfritt Sverige, NTM, CLECAT, NMC, Sveriges Handelskamrar, CCWG and Air Cargo Sweden.

Tools for more sustainable transports

The transport sector accounts for about 22 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This means that all of us in the transport sector have a great responsibility to act to reduce emissions as well as a great opportunity to make a difference. Here are some tools we use to create more sustainable transports.

Our environmental strategy

Skaraborg Eco Shuttle

Transporting goods by rail to and from Gothenburg Harbour and reduce your CO2 emission by 97% compared to road transport for the same transport lane. The last 3 percent is climate compensated to make the solutions 100 percent climate neutral

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