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DB Schenker Truck

We at DB Schenker, play an important role in transitions to a sustainable society

Each day, most people directly or indirectly use transport, both as private persons and in their professional life, and the transport is the bloodstream in our society. At the same time, the world's transports are responsible for a large part of the emissions that affect our climate.

The most important sustainability issue for us, therefore, is to meet the need for transport in a sustainable and long term way, without a negative effect on the climate. The climate issue is very important for us but sustainability is even more important.

We at DB Schenker, have a comprehensive environmental initiatives that affect our entire organization. Through our environmental strategy we work to be the leading green logistics services provider.

Our work is guided by our environmental policy and we measure our performance with the help of our environmental targets. We reach the targets we set up by offering sustainable and effective logistics solutions, and through using resources in a responsible way. The transport industry bears a great responsibility regarding the emission of greenhouse gases. We work to break the link between the growth in the transport sector and the emission of greenhouse gases and we have come a good way down the road.

To find the future’s sustainable solutions and achieve our target we at DB Schenker need to be clever at collaborating with society, authorities, the academic sector and other stakeholders. For example, through different forums we are conducting a series of innovation projects.

We work hard to help our customers with their environmental efforts.
Our large logistics network gives us fine possibilities to combine different transport methods and create logistics solutions with the best possible balance between environment and economy. Something that is important to many customers is following up on their respective CO2 emissions, and we offer simple tools to do these emissions calculations. For those who wish, we also offer carbon offsets.

Our suppliers and their performance within the environmental area affect us greatly. Therefore, we work in close cooperation with our suppliers to reduce the effect on the environment together.

We achieve success by being a good employer that invests in our personnel. For many years we have strongly emphasized professional development and are convinced that this creates motivation and engagement, which helps us find the transport solutions of the future. Our goal is to be a Top Employer.

We work with social issues within DB Schenker, but our suppliers ability to work with social issues also affects us greatly. Therefore, we work in close collaboration with our suppliers to constantly improve within this area.