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Gain access to more than your shipments

Get information about your shipments by integrating our e-services to your website, a web shop or in a business system. If you have web shop, you can let your customers track shipments or pick a parcel shop in your check-out. You can also integrate the information on your company intranet and make it available to those who need it in their daily work. You can control how you want to present the information graphically and, in some cases, we can also offer ready-made graphic interfaces.

Our e-services can be integrated at different levels, ranging from linking only to our standalone e-service to total integration where your company's environment connects to our systems.

DB Schenker in Sweden only supports the below API solutions for Swedish customers, and/or system developers who develops on behalf of a Swedish DB Schenker customer.

Our API's

We at DB Schenker do not assume any liability regarding online services or their suitability for any particular purpose. We will not be held liable for damage, neither direct nor indirect damage to property or personal injury, loss of profits, outages, loss of stored information or other damage resulting from the use of online services or as a result of the service being unavailable.

DB Schenker reserves the right to update, adjust or completely discontinue any particular version of online services at any time, as well as the right to completely terminate  the provision and support of the online services at any time.

DB Schenker also reserves the right to change the availability of online services at any time and without first notifying customers / users.

The user / customer undertakes, through acceptance of these terms, to insert the text "Logistics by" as well as the Schenker logo at the top of web pages where DB Schenker's online services are utilized. The Schenker logo should be linked from DB Schenker's web server via the address:

In addition to the provisions listed above, the use/utilization of Schenker's online services is stipulated in DB Schenker's Legal Notice. If you implement any of DB Schenker's online services, you must register as a user.

As a registered user, you will receive email notification before any changes are made to any of the services you implemented in your system. You will also be notified if new services are added. Registration is of course free of charge.

Several of our integrated e-services require you to have authorization. Since this information is unique for you as a customer, it should not be made available to third parties.

Services that require an authorization request:

  • Price inquiry Europe
  • Price inquiry Sweden (incl. Parcel Foreign)

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