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Simplify administration throughout your supply chain

With a Transport Management System (TA-system) you save both time and money. You can schedule pickup, send transport instructions via EDI and print your shipping documents. You can also integrate the TM-system with your order/business system or an e-marketing platform to be even more efficient.

If you have more than fifty shipments a month and might have greater demands regarding functionality, you should consider using one of our approved transport management systems.

We always recommend our customers to choose a DB Schenker approved TM-system over developing their own system. Therefore, we have a series of e-services that help you schedule, save, compile, and analyze your transports.

We collaborate with the market's leading providers of TM Systems and conduct ongoing quality assurance of the systems we have approved and certified. You attain high quality in your transport orders with us since established EDI connections, correct transport documents, etc. are already in place.

The following TM systems, with their respective suppliers in parentheses are currently certified and approved by us:

Centiro Universe (Centiro)

LogTrade Distribution 2.0 (LogTrade) 

nShift Delivery (previous Unifaun Online)

Approval of any system means that we continually check the quality of transport documents and electronic messages for DB Schenker's transport services. It is up the respective TM provider together with us as carrier to ensure the system's functionality regarding booking, electronic orders and transport documents with respect to our transport services.

Different companies have different requirements. Therefore, it is important that you think through and analyze your needs before you select a TM system.
Please contact a supplier. Our local resources can also provide independent advice, you can find contact information for them to the right.

Here are some things you should think about when you select a system:

  • Who at the company has access to the shipment information, for example to search for shipments.
  • Does your company has several dispatch locations, for example from stores or warehouses?
  • Can the system handle multiple transports?
  • Can the system be integrated with an order/business system or an e-business platform?
  • Can the system provide statistics and reports?
  • Which of DB Schenker's transport services are needed?

If you decide to use a TM system, you need to order your own number series that you will use.

Click here to order number series (in Swedish only)