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Simplify your supply chain administration

With a system developed to create transport orders and customized to your company’s need, you save both time and money.

The system helps you create and submit correct transport orders, print approved labels and transport documents for different transport products and options. Several systems also support automatically pick-up booking request. You can also integrate the system with your order system or e-commerce solution to become more efficient.

Companies have different needs. Analyze your needs before choosing a system. Feel free to contact the suppliers to find a system that covers your needs, both in terms of support for different transport products and options. And also, other solutions e.g. to consolidate orders, create transport orders, manage printing at different locations/warehouses/stores and solutions to follow up your transport business etc.

At your local DB Schenker office, our Sales and Production Coordinator can give you tips and advice.

Compiled system suppliers have developed support in the system for the major parts of our current domestic and cross border parcel and goods transport products and options. Some suppliers support fewer of our transport products and options.

The system supplier answers details regarding what domestic and cross border parcel and goods transport products and options the system currently supports.

The system supplier is responsible for continuously developing, ensuring and add support for our different transport services in their system.

List of system and suppliers

To create transport documents two unique ranges of numbers is needed.

Read more about number ranges (in Swedish)