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Cut back on waiting times, storage costs and environmental impact

Skaraborg Eco Shuttle is a freight solution that connects the entire Skaraborg region with the port of Gothenburg - and the rest of the world.

The port of Gothenburg is Scandinavia's largest port and the only one in Sweden with direct lines for container traffic to China, USA, India and the Middle East. With daily train departures from the port, Skaraborg's Eco Shuttle is the region's most reliable freight option.

You can move your goods smoothly to and from the port of Gothenburg and avoid depot fees and road tolls. Furthermore good capacity and availability means that  we can quickly offer flexible solutions to accommodate greater needs.

The goods are transported by train between Gothenburg and Falköping where they are reloaded at Skaraborg Logistic Center for transport by truck.

In such a way, you get the best of the two transport methods. A train large load capacity, reliability and environmental benefits. And the truck transport's direct access to your loading dock by drivers who know the local area well.

If you ship your goods by rail with DB Schenker Skaraborg Eco Shuttle (SE), you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 97 percent compared to road transport on the same route.

In addition, we buy carbon offsets for the remaining 3 percent to make Skaraborg Eco Shuttle 100 percent better than road transports from an environmental perspective.

The money is invested in an agricultural project in Rajahstan in India, where cultivation of mustard plants creates jobs and a stronger local community.

If you ship your goods by rail with Skaraborg Eco Shuttle, you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 97 percent compared to road transport on the same route.

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Gothenburg – Falköping: rail 120 kilometers, takes two hours and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent.

Falköping – Skara: Truck 28 kilometer, takes about 25 minutes, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 17 percent.

Capacity: 86 TEUs/day in both directions

Traffic/frequency: Daily trips

Maximum weight: 30 tons/container

Load carrier that can be handled: 20 foot, 30 foot, 40 foot containers

Departure: Mon–Fri 08:30

Arrival Gothenburg: Mon-Fri 10:25

Falköping Terminal

Opening hours: Mon–Thu 06:00–18:00, Fri 06:00–16:00 Number of free days Demurrage/detention charge in Falköping. Arrival + 7 days


No later than 12:00 the day before loading
The container is then available in Falköping the day after starting 06:00.
Empty return:
Drop off  in Falköping no later than 07:30 (for same day departure to Gothenburg)


3 workdays before loading day

Drop off in Falköping:
07:30 (for same day departure  to Gothenburg)

Insurance of goods
Customs services


  • Shortened waiting times
  • Lower storage costs
  • No depot fees or road tolls
  • Reliable -  goods are delivered at the specified time
  • Contributes to safer roads and a better environment

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