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Save time and money with eSchenker

With our digital tool eSchenker, you get access to all the information you need to handle your logistics as effectively as possible.

Regardless of the mode of transport, or the business area, eSchenker offers an overview throughout the supply chain from the planning work and execution to follow up. With all information conveniently gathered in one place.

Many smart services

With eSchenker, your company has insight into the logistics process day and night.You can see trip lists, track shipments, book and compare prices for different transport services. In addition, you have access to copies of invoices, debiting and pallet balance notices for all transport. Statistics that provide a complete picture of your transport costs and that simplify analysis and follow up work.

Make transport more environmentally friendly

eSchenker offers a tool to attain the least possible environmental impact for your transports. With the help of an emissions calculator, you can easily view the emissions levels for each mode of transport. This provides an excellent basis for actively working towards the most environmentally friendly transport possible.

Save time and reduce costs

eSchenker simplifies your logistics management and helps save time and reduce costs for your company. The service provides insight and control over the logistics process in a simple way.

– We use eSchenker every day to schedule transport and find receipts. It is a very good and easy service instead of going through customer service. This makes planning that much easier. We ship 45 full transports a week, on average. Then it is very good to be able to have full oversight with eSchenker. Ulrika Ernvid, Emballator Ulricehamns Bleck AB

Available when you need it

eSchenker is free to all of our business customers. At your business, you determine how many people will have access to the services. You can also share part or all of the information with customers. If you need help with a specific service, there is a help manual or you can call customer service.

eSchenker: It's so easy

eSchenker is our most advanced logistic solution yet. It incorporates all eServices into one portal, giving you maximum support at every stage of your supply chain. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, eSchenker has your logistics covered.


The easy-to-use eSchenker tracking tool gives you real-time information about the location and status of your shipment, and its current estimated time of delivery. Allocation of a tracking number means that you can access detailed shipment data online without having to log in. Our tracking technology has now been upgraded with an even more detailed overview and status information for each of your shipments.