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How do I complain about products?

For complaint reports regarding damaged package or goods please do the following:

  • Parcel import: Contact the product sender
  • Missing goods or package: Contact your nearest DB Schenker office
  • Damaged goods or package: Click here

If the item is damaged at delivery

Accept the item, but never confirm acceptance on the waybill without first making a note on the receipt. The notes do not need to be detailed, but it is necessary that the damage is recorded.
What is achieved with the note is that you confirm that the damage occurs when we handled the item. That gives us the opportunity to find the cause and undertake actions so to prevent that from happening again. You should also try to limit the damage when this is possible.If the damage could have been discovered first during packaging (hidden by packaging) you must report the damage to us within seven (7) working days after receiving so that it could be taken up for processing.
Often we will inspect the damage. Therefore, you should not return, sell or repair the damaged item without first having contacted us. Therefore, please contact our damage division as soon as possible. When you have done that, we will send you a damage form to fill in and return to us.

For complaints relating to sea or air freight, you should contact the division that handled your transport.

Missing item?
Make a note on the waybill before you accept the shipment. Contact our nearest office. We will then send out a search request to  our terminals and the carriers. If we don't succeed in finding the missing item within 30 days (foreign countries 60 days) you have the right to declare it as lost.

Damage appraisal
You, as a customer, should always present a damage claim and justify the size of the claim. This means that normally you should present the following documents to us:

The damage report with a clear damage description, and preferably a photo.
Waybill number.
Commercial invoice between seller and buyer or other documents that show the value of the item.
Repair invoice, or an invoice for replacement delivery or a spare parts invoice.
Any other documents that you think have significance for correctly recording the damage.

Think about it!
You must check the item yourself and the condition of the packaging when you receive the shipment. Also count the number so that it agrees with the information in the waybill.

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