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We will help you with hazardous goods

Hazardous goods is a collective term for substances and objects that have characteristics where they can cause injury to people, the environment or property if they are not properly handled during transport.
At DB Schenker, we have extensive experience transporting approved hazardous goods. For these transports we follow the regulations that exist.

If you need more information to be able to package, label and document your goods, information is available from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. You are of course welcome to contact us if you have questions.

Our policy for hazardous goods

The aim of business management within DB Schenker is...

  • To ensure that companies within DB Schenker handle hazardous goods and are conscious of their responsibility as a forwarder, in accordance with prevailing international and national regulations for the handling and transport of hazardous goods.
  • To avoid personal injuries and loss of life.
  • To avoid damage to the environment in conjunction with the handling and transport of hazardous goods.
  • To avoid damage to property in conjunction with the handling and transport of hazardous goods.
  • To limit financial loss and environmental consequences that result from accidents with hazardous goods.
  • To fulfill the requirements that customers and authorities set for qualitative handling of hazardous goods.
  • To ensure that applicable safety provisions are followed.

Beyond the international provisions that regulate transport of hazardous goods, consideration has been given to the following standards and directives:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 28000
  • OHSAS 18001
  • EN 12798: Transport quality system, requirements for a quality system to supplement ISO 9001/2000 for transport of hazardous goods with respect to safety.
  • CEFIC’s Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS).
  • Chemical Distribution Institute`s Marine Packed Cargo (MPC) systemet.

eSchenker: It's so easy

eSchenker is our most advanced logistic solution yet. It incorporates all eServices into one portal, giving you maximum support at every stage of your supply chain. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, eSchenker has your logistics covered.


The easy-to-use eSchenker tracking tool gives you real-time information about the location and status of your shipment, and its current estimated time of delivery. Allocation of a tracking number means that you can access detailed shipment data online without having to log in. Our tracking technology has now been upgraded with an even more detailed overview and status information for each of your shipments.