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Solas, how does it work?

Sea safety for goods that are shipped in a container

It is important that the shipper must provide verified gross weight on all containers who are sent by ship. The requirement came after ship incidents because of stability problems - lack of of weight distribution.

The gross weight of a packed container shall be determined through weighing. If verified weight is missing, the shipper can refuse loading of the container.

There are two ways to get the container's total weight:

1. Weight the entire loaded and sealed container on a calibrated container scale.

2. Count all the individual weights (VGM) for all packages in the container plus the packaging, lashing material and the container's weight.

In accordance with the rules, it is the responsibility of each exporter to provide the correct VGM weight for the goods that are booked. If as an exporter cannot provide the VGM weight for the goods, we can help arrange weighing.

Weighing can be done in two ways.
Method 1. A container with a load is weighed in its entirety.
Method 2. The components to be included are each weighed separately, including packaging material, lashing equipment and container weight and the separate weights are totaled.

Reporting the VGM weight:
We must have received your VGM before document closing. This is done by writing down the weight in a VGM form that you receive when you make a booking. Note that you as a shipper bears full responsibility that the specified weight is a correct total weight, in other words, the weight of the goods including packaging and other packing material. The weight that is left at document closing is considered the final VGM weight for the goods.

Costs for VGM:
For all export bookings, we invoice a VGM fee. If you order weighing, the costs are invoiced according to the outlay.

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