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Our Upcycling Hub Wins Singapore Good Design Award 2022

Designed by Airlab SUTD, our upcycling hub features a communal space with stylish yet functional furniture made from waste materials. The project kickoff as early as back in 2018 and through collaboration with Airlab SUTD, the initial idea of creating a space for employees was transformed into our upcycling hub today.

This eco-friendly space showcases our commitment to circularity and explores the use of new technologies for sustainability. Waste materials such as plastic bottles, wooden pallets, cardboards, and more were repurposed into design pieces to fill the space. This includes chandeliers, pallet tables, cardboard coffee tables, and foam chairs.

The project also marks the first interior design in Singapore to leverage sustainable manufacturing methods and digital design processes to create an interior space with furniture and fittings made from upcycled waste.

Recognized for its sustainable design, we are proud to be a winner at Singapore Good Design 2022.

Catherine Soo – Vice President, Contract Logistics receiving the award of SG Mark (Singapore Good Design) 

About SG Mark:

The Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) is a benchmark of good design and quality.

Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) launched Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) in 2013 in partnership with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) that founded the prestigious Good Design Award (G Mark). SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for exceptional design quality that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. Good design has become a source of growth and productivity in the economy as organizations recognise the value of investing in excellent design principles, processes and offerings. (Source: SG Mark)

To this date, more than 40 thousand plastic bottles, 1400+kg of cardboard boxes, and 100+ wooden pallets have been repurposed. The project has raised awareness about sustainability among both employees and visitors alike. It now functions as a reactional space for employees as well as a showroom featuring the possibilities of upcycling.

Our Upcycling Hub is located in Red Lion at Airport Logistics Park of Singapore (ALPS). Be sure to check out this beautiful interior space when you visit us!