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Red Lion Feature on The Straits Times

Dear Valued Customer,

Singapore has always held a prominent position in DB Schenker’s Asia strategy. Our new Red Lion facility was built at a cost of EUR 101m, which is the single largest investment in any site globally in Schenker’s corporate history spanning almost 150 years. It is also consistent with our corporate real estate strategy to build and own our assets in pivotal locations.

We are constantly integrating and innovating processes to make things better, faster and more resilient. In this case with Red Lion, not only have we integrated air freight with contract logistics to better serve our customers in the region and around the world, apart from building another warehouse, we are transforming the way we do things, digitalising processes, automation and robotics to enable our people to do more and be more.

In the Straits Times articles below, it explains how DB Schenker continues to strategically invest in Singapore, adding 250 jobs in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and process engineering as part of our expansion plans, with the automation systems in Red Lion providing a good platform for staff to be exposed to new ways of working in an industry that has an increased focus on innovation.

Here is the follow up article.

With our undisputed position as the choice gateway to Asia complemented with excellent air and ocean freight connectivity, we believe Singapore will continue to play an important role for a safe, efficient and reliable supply chain centre of excellence to attract MNCs to base their Global/Regional Distribution activities here. With Red Lion, DB Schenker is well placed to support our customers in the uncertain times ahead.