Ocean Freight Container Ship

Emergency Bunker Surcharge notice for FCL cargo to/from USA – July 1, 2018

Recent bunker prices have increased over 20% since the beginning of 2018. As a result, ocean carriers have announced Emergency Bunker Surcharges (EBS). In response to these announcements, DB Schenker has decided to implement an Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) for FCL cargo with details as follows:​​​​​​​


DBSchenkerAnnouncement-Jul_1_2018_FCL EBS TAEB-USA

DBSchenkerAnnouncement-Jul_1_2018_FCL EBS LATAM

DBSchenkerAnnouncement-Jul_1_2018_FCL_EBS TPEB(USACA)

DBSchenkerAnnouncement-Jul_1_2018_FCL_EBS TPWB (USACA)