Ocean Freight Container Ship

SCHENKERocean Equipment Imbalance Surcharges

Following the heavy Peak Season months in Asia Outbound Trades and the gradual return to production, the ocean freight market, in particular ex Europe, experiences a very strong demand of export volumes which is exceeding the supply.

Result of the heavy Asia Outbound and Inbound Peaks is a severe Equipment shortage in Europe. In addition, the average European outbound schedule reliability is below 40% which decreases the supply of capacity.
The result is that the equipment and space supply is by far exceeding the demand.

As a consequence, the current peak continues with rate adjustments and rate levels have been climbing up further.

Our key focus remains to manage your supply chain proactively.

We therefore decided to adjust the Peak Season & Equipment Imbalance Surcharge as follows with effective date March 1st, 2021 until further notice.