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Poland: Time for Help in DB Schenker

The corporate volunteering programme "Time for Help in DB Schenker in Poland" has been held periodically since 2008 in two editions – Christmas Time for Help in December and Green Time for Help in the spring period. Nearly 400 projects across Poland have been implemented so far, and the employees from DB Schenker have spent almost 28,000 hours on the volunteering work.

How does it work?

Teams of employees can prepare and pursue their own ideas for projects addressed to local communities. Twice a year the contest judges composed of key managers select projects which will receive funding. The company provides the project leaders with funds necessary for the implementation of their ideas. An interesting idea, teamwork, including the involvement of customers and suppliers as well as partnership with a local social organisation or a public institution are the key factors in order to achieve support. What is special about this programme is the fact that the employees themselves as members of the local communities in which they live and work decide locally who they want to help in their community, and on this basis they submit their ideas.

Green Time for Help

As part of the Green Time for Help, the employees submit projects regarding the environment and aspects of road safety. The purpose of the "green" edition is to raise awareness and exert positive influence on the environment, as well as educate with regard to environmentally friendly activities, appropriate attitudes and behaviour in road traffic. As part of the projects, the volunteering employees develop green areas, restore sport grounds, carry out training for students supported by the Police in terms of the knowledge content, arrange workshops in road safety and ecology for children, organize trips and forest cleaning activities.

Christmas Time for Help

Christmas Time for Help is held before Christmas and the activities focus on spending time together and helping those in need. The DB Schenker employees e.g. organise Santa Claus meetings for children in clubrooms and hospitals, renovate orphanages, prepare the Christmas Eve supper for the homeless and raise funds for animal shelters. The projects contribute to strengthening ties between the employees and local communities whose needs are noticed.

Involvement which multiplies the social capital

Since 2008, the employees have implemented 372 projects, and another 34 are currently in progress. On average, approximately 500 employees from DB Schenker and about 50 suppliers – transport companies as well as about 40 customers of the logistics operator were engaged in each edition.

The voluntary service programme activities contribute to building the image of  DB Schenker as a socially responsible company, and they also help strengthen good relations with local communities. These activities also allow employees to demonstrate a social initiative, develop a number of skills and at the same time improve satisfaction with the work they do.

The programme results in 2016 include:

- Green Time for Help directly or indirectly involved 499 employees of the company and the Christmas Time for Help – 598 employees;

- in total, 53 voluntary service projects were implemented,

- 3 496 hours were devoted to helping and the number of the beneficiaries was 6 214,

- about 40 customers and 50 carriers who supported the initiative prepared by the employees were engaged in the projects.

In 2017, as part of the Green Time for Help 34 projects are being implemented throughout Poland.