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Filing a cargo loss or damage claim

DB Schenker in the USA makes every effort to maintain the maximum level of freight integrity. At the same time, we realize that problems do occasionally happen.

In the unfortunate event of damage or loss to your goods, the following procedure outlines the steps you must take to ensure timely settlement of a cargo claim:

Customer Responsibility:

In the event of a cargo claim, immediately notify the DB Schenker Cargo Claims Department within the claim notification time limitations set forth in the respective transport document that the goods are transported under. 

All claims and inquiries should be sent to:

Failure to notify Schenker, Inc. within the following time limits could lead to a claim being denied to Schenker, Inc.: 

Ocean Shipments

Visible Loss/Damage

  • Immediately

Concealed Loss/Damage

  • Within 3 days from date of receipt

Air Shipments

Visible Loss/Damage

  • Within 14 days from date of receipt

Concealed Loss/Damage

  • Within 14 days from date of receipt

Non-delivery of the goods

  • Within 120 days from date of AWB

If this shipment was insured by Schenker, Inc. please submit the insurance certificate and we will refer the matter to the insurer.  If you have your own cargo insurance policy, or if the shipper insured the cargo, please present this claim to the appropriate insurance company for processing as noted on the certificate or policy.  Schenker, Inc. will then resolve this matter directly with the insurer once they have settled the claim. 

  • Take photographs of the damaged cartons and their contents (not applicable on non-deliveries only).
  • Do not discard any of the packaging materials or move/ship the damaged cargo until directed to do so by our insurance company.

Protect damaged cargo from additional damage or loss - If necessary, reasonable expenses can be incurred to prevent further damage, but should be approved by the insurance company in advance.  Please contact our Cargo Claims Department if you anticipate that additional expenses will be substantial.

Statement of Claim Questionnaire - Please complete the detailed “Customer Statement of Claim Questionnaire” attached below and submit to our Cargo Claims Department.

Claim Documentation - In addition to the completed “Customer Statement of Claim Questionnaire”, the following documents are required:

  • SchenkerOcean, Ltd. House Bill of Lading, Schenker, Inc. House Airway Bill or Domestic Airway Bill
  • Commercial Invoice(s) for the entire shipment
  • Packing list(s) for the entire shipment
  • Door delivery receipt
  • Photos of damaged cargo (not applicable on non-deliveries only)
  • Repair estimates or salvage report (if available)
  • Any other documents and correspondence that will support the claim.