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DB Schenker Cultural Diversity

Women’s networks

Women in Business

Women in Business (WIB) initiative was created by women to allow the peers (with direct and real support from the organization) to take an active role in creating and shaping the future for women in business within DB Schenker, but also to act as ambassadors in the broader environment.

DB Schenker WiB Women Working in Business

The goal of WIB is to unlock the full potential of women at work and to advance equal (not preferential) opportunities and treatment in relation to their male counterparts.

The objective of WIB is to increase the portion of women in (top) management positions in a natural way (no quota) and to provide a platform and framework to support all actions that will advance women within DB Schenker.

Some of the initiatives of the group is to set and track the KPI’s for women, mentor at least one high potential female colleague and provide opportunities to network, assist female employees to build their network and business relationships, with inspirational female role models which can act as an example of what they can strive for.

WIB Steering committee consists of 7 Senior women from different business units, located in Essen Germany.

Women in Schenker (WIS)

Women in Schenker (WIS) – is another great example of Women’s networks for female senior managers in Sweden. WIS act as a role models through the visibility of women in leading positions, they tackle the questions of gender issues and are in high collaboration with local management team for the improvement of gender balance. 
The objective of the WIS is to strengthen and broaden the competence and leadership skills of females, so that the full potential of female employees can be used and add value to the increased business results and support the Top Employer and PRIMUS goals.
Some of the initiatives of the group are to:

  • networking with managers
  • broaden the competencies through lectures and networking
  • exchange of experience about an actual topic or a business area
  • reflect on and discuss on leadership issues
  • coach and be coached on concrete challenges
  • broaden the knowledge of the company, processes and products 
  • increase cooperation between the various functions

Each of the Women groups add value to the company by promoting diversity, supporting female colleagues and making business related connections to strengthen the business.


Are you interested in more insights on the Diversity and Inclusion activities at DB Schenker? Please reach out to us.

It is always a good time to explore the various career opportunities that DB Schenker has open in its locations around the world. Known for its welcoming, inclusive workplace and excellent corporate culture, DB Schenker is a great choice for women all around the globe.

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