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Humanitarian Aid for flood victims in Malaysia

After months of heavy monsoon rainfalls on the east coast region of the Malaysian peninsula, Schenker Malaysia decided to help the victims of the subsequent landslides and worst floods in the last decades that affected many citizens. Many buildings, roads and Houses were destroyed. “Since this calamity happened on our shorefront and have been widely reported in our local dailies, it prompted us to reach out to our fellow countrymen who are in need and battling one of the worst flood in decades.” said the country HR Manager.

In January of 2015 a team of volunteers from the DB Schenker Penang office took action in cooperation with a local NGO. The colleagues organized a donation drive to collect needed goods and donations from the local staff and community. DB Schenker Penang also took care of storing and shipping the goods to the affected region with a dedicated truck.

In addition, DB Schenker rented a Bus to bring around 40 Volunteers of the NGO and two Schenker employees to travel to the east coast and offer their immediate help to the affected locals during a long weekend. During the 3 days, they cooked meals for the flood victims and distributed the collections from house to house at the affected area.

Our two colleagues were delighted to serve and contribute their time and effort in aiding the victims in the recovery process. It was indeed heartening to see the extensive damage to homes and the livelihood of the victims after the flood. They were proud to represent DB Schenker in this community project and are motivated to continue to participate actively in future Corporate Volunteering projects.