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DB Schenker Startup Management


We are eager to become your navigator to the start-up ecosystem and to support in finding and implementing the best start-up solutions!


Market Intelligence: With thousands of start-ups on our radar, we are ready to share unique insights about available solutions, ideas and specific knowledge about applications for logistics processes all over the world.  
Scouting & Validation: We are here to support you in finding suitable start-up solutions with the aim to solve particular business and functional problems or explore new opportunities and business models.

PoCs: Before making a decision on full implementation, a proof of the Start-up’s solution concept in a real-world environment is beneficial for both parties: For the start-up, to become more familiar with the real business requirements and environment; for the companies, to be sure about the deliverables and to prepare a "recipe" for further scaling within the organization. With dozens of PoCs conducted in recent years, DB Schenker is open for joint pilot projects and to advise on the appropriate scope of such an exercise!

Network: Having an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts all over the world as well as leading innovation partners, we are promoting an open innovation approach and looking forward to exchange!
Services to support your portfolio: Does your company invest and work with start-ups? We are happy to support your ambitious portfolio companies in their growth!  Our special Logistics4Startups service will help the start-up to concentrate on its main product and to be sure that logistics are handled in the most efficient way.  If you think that a start-up solution could be of interest to DB Schenker, let's discuss and develop the potential for global scaling together! 

Contact: or your Key Account Manager 

DB Schenker Open Innovation

Open Innovation

At DB Schenker we strongly believe that many heads think better than one, especially when they come from different business sectors.

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DB Schenker Innovation and Digitalization Insights

Innovation and Digitalization Insights

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing and challenging the status quo in order to develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.

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DB Schenker Innovation Lab

Enterprise Lab

DB Schenker owns a state-of-the-art lab to develop and test the technologies which will shape tomorrow's logistics.

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DB Schenker Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

DB Schenker gains meaningful business insights from big data analytics that supports strategic, tactical, and operational decisions – for both us and our business partners.

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