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As an environmental pioneer, DB Schenker is setting the standard for efficient use of the resources available to us.

As society continues to face greater pressures to protect the environment, the transportation sector is being called on to make a considerable contribution to these efforts. We’re committed to leading the way in the environmental protection movement by becoming the leading green logistics services provider. We know that as transport grows, CO2 emissions can indeed be reduced.

Our Global Environmental Policy details our aim of becoming the Eco Pioneer within our industry and commitment to operating in a sustainable business approach, by offering effective logistics solutions and transport, with a constant reduction in environmental impact globally for all business.

As a Sustainability Leader we adhere to the highest standards, in the way we act and in the business we engage in. We make a positive contribution to society and continuously improve our ecological footprint. Furthermore, we are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

More specifically we are focused on the:

Measurable contribution to mitigating climate change (SDG 13)

  • Reducing transport emissions
  • Reducing energy consumption

Promotion of sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12)

  • Enabling employees to work and live sustainably
  • Working with business partners to ensure fair working conditions

Contribution to sustainable cities & communities (SDG 11)

  • Pioneering innovative and sustainable logistics solutions globally

Reduction of Environmental Impact

DB Schenker supports the DB Group to reduce specific CO2 emissions by 50% (g/tkm) from 2006 to 2030 with a goal to be carbon neutral by 2050. To reach this goal, we’ve launched a variety of initiatives and are continuing to expand our range of green logistics products.

We seek to reduce transport miles by consolidation, shift to the most environmentally friendly mode of transport and increase efficiency by continuous fleet renewals.We are focused on developing environmentally sustainable logistics solutions.

Currently, DB Schenker offers Eco Solutions for every mode of transportation, allowing customers to reduce or compensate for CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain. DB Schenker Eco consulting includes guidance on modal choice, integrating carbon emissions into the lead time – cost equation. As such, we can cut CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent in air freight and up to 50 percent in ocean freight. Environmentally-friendly solutions are also available for land transport regarding innovative engines and fuels. As a global leader focused on green logistics, DB Schenker is able to calculate and provide the CO2 footprint of our customers’ supply chains in a transparent way and can offer recommendations for optimization.

We aim to reduce our overall environmental impact with targets for increased recycling and, reduced, energy consumption and reduced water usage. We aim to use energy-efficient, sustainable measures in all our buildings and through continuous improvements to our facilities and systems.

Responsible Business Conduct

DB Schenker has implemented a holistic Compliance Management System

for ensuring adherence to laws, regulations, policies and ethical standards.

In dealings with our customers, business partners, employees and owners, we commit ourselves to always act fairly and with integrity. The “DB Code of Conduct” reflects our Corporate Principles on Ethics and actively shapes our day-to-day behavior.

Taking on Corporate Social Responsibility

Fair treatment of employees

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment
  • Providing a workplace that embraces diversity
  • Becoming employer of choice for high potentials

Good corporate citizenship

  • Providing added value to the communities where DBS operates
  • Supporting through helping hands and expert knowledge