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Exact Timing is Critical for Nord Gear Corporation

NORD Drivesystems (NORD Gear Corporation) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. NORD’s range of products includes constant speed reducers, electric motors, industrial gear units, motor starters and AC Vector drives for cabinet mount and distributed control.

Since 1965, NORD has become well established in the power transmission industry and grown to global proportions on the strength of its product performance, superior customer service, and intelligent drive solutions. NORD makes its wide product range easily available through a global network that includes representation in over 65 countries, assembly factories in 35 countries and over 3,200 employees – except when its manufacturing lines stop moving because they are at the mercy of a transportation company that can’t guarantee the exact delivery times of critical parts!

Until a year ago, the management team at NORD’s Waunakee facility faced the challenges of receiving several containers in a very small window of time. This presented personnel issues in the company’s inventory and receiving departments. It made it difficult to schedule standard working hours for these employees.

Based on experience with other customers, DB Schenker suggested a new method of delivery. Scott Sheidecker, Warehouse/Distribution Manager, Chicago Warehouse, DB Schenker, helped customize the solution so it fit perfectly with NORD’s requirements.

“NORD’s parts-laden ocean containers used to be delivered directly to its manufacturing facility, but not on any regular basis,” observes Scott. “Paul D. Van Deurzen, National Accounts Manager with DB Schenker’s Appleton Branch and I recommended that the ocean containers be picked up at the rail yard in Chicago and brought to our warehouse there. The parts are then devanned, sorted and loaded onto 53 foot trailers. From there, they are sent directly to the NORD plant for a scheduled delivery the next day.”

Now, DB Schenker clears all of NORD’s ocean import freight through its Milwaukee office. Air shipments are cleared in Chicago. The air freight is brought up to NORD on its own truck. DB Schenker’s Milwaukee team handles all of the customs clearance paperwork.

They also provide NORD with nightly load reports for the next day so they know exactly what’s coming.

“We streamlined their deliveries by scheduling set quantities each day, rather than receiving zero or several containers in one day,” adds Paul. “This has vastly improved their personnel scheduling and employee moral because they have a greater understanding of what will be delivered the next morning.”

Chris Rains, Inventory Supervisor at NORD, adds, “Because DB Schenker informs us which parts will be delivered – every evening — we have reduced overtime and we’ve re-allocated personnel more effectively.”

Not only are parts on time, but deliveries are safer today. By switching from ocean containers to delivery by 53 foot trailers, the trailers match up with NORD’s docks perfectly. This makes for safer unloading and loading of the trailers and improves overall plant safety as well.

James Gray, Inventory Lead at NORD Drivesystems monitors the NORD man-hour savings from unloading. The company has saved significant man hours as a result of this change. “Now, we get products on a more scheduled basis, rather than randomly,” says James. “Deliveries of product are on time and communication is much better.”

Through innovative and better management of NORD’s deliveries, DB Schenker is helping this customer streamline their receiving process, reduce handling times and provide a more stable work schedule for their inventory/receiving personnel.

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