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Customs Brokerage

DB Schenker is one of Canada’s leading Customs Brokers and Trade Services Company. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and on time border crossing of your shipments, without administrative burden, delays or penalties.


  • Save time and money when in need of urgent Customs documents by printing them directly from MyBrokerage instead of looking through archives or calling your broker and waiting for the documents
  • Have the ability to incorporate the Document Image on the Web function as part of your Customs compliance program by printing the original documents and auditing the Customs data on the web against the original documents

As part of the Customs Action Plan, the CBSA has introduced the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) Program.

The Customs Self Assessment (CSA) Program is a progressive trade option for clients who invest in compliance.   Based on the principles of risk management and partnership, pre-approved importers who import low risk goods into Canada from the U.S., using pre-approved carriers and drivers will have access to streamline clearance and reporting options for their goods.


DB Schenker can assist you to evaluate and assess your company’s CSA eligibility and readiness. If CSA is the appropriate program for your organization, DB Schenker can facilitate the application process, as well as interface and exchange trade data with the CBSA on your behalf once you have become a CSA importer.

DB Schenker’s Customs Consulting services can assist with enhancing your firm’s compliance profile with Canada Customs. Our professional team can support in areas of risk mitigation, regulations and customer internal process development.

Our trade consultants have extensive in customs regulations and new customs initiatives. Our trade consultants provide structure and guidance required for implementation.

We have the international trade expertise to assist with the most complex international trade rules and regulations. Our global networks allow us to provide you with information and insight required to make informed business decisions around the globe.

DB Schenker offers a variety of consulting related services through a dedicated trade services group.

Some of these service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Classification services
  • Binding rulings
  • Protests
  • Reconciliation filing
  • Valuation determinations
  • Trade agreements / country of origin determinations
  • Overall compliance program development
  • SOP preparation
  • Third party record keeping services
  • Internal audits
  • Importer customs self-assessment (CSA) program

DB Schenker’s Audit Assistance Service is designed to help your company navigate the audit process successfully. Our experienced trade consultants work closely with your business to help you achieve better than expected results eliminating the potential for penalties and fines, or disruption of your day-to-day business.

When you choose us to handle your audit, you can expect:

  • To have a team of experts on your side. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of customs regulations and practices. They are always up-to-date – so your business will be too.
  • We are your link to customs. We will liaise with customs officials and prepare documentation in response to requests. This saves you time.
  • Superior protection against penalties. With our assistance, outstanding issues are identified to avoid potential penalty assessments.
  • A rigorous assessment that improves your audit results. We review your final audit report to identify what changes to your business practice may be required.
  • Our experienced trade consultants can help you successfully navigate the audit process, often producing a more favorable outcome than anticipated. Whether you have been notified of an impending audit or need help with one currently under way, we can lend assistance right away.

Are you anticipating an audit? Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your experience as positive as possible.

DB Schenker’s Customs Consultants have recovered millions of dollars in refunds and saved importers millions of dollars in customs duties and taxes for our clients. We can show importers how to recover thousands of inadvertently overpaid dollars they didn’t even know they had – even going back four years! And, they’ll save even more money going forward.

Not only will we help importers recover lost funds, but we can also help with faster shipment releases; make them eligible for enhanced options with Customs; and reduce the risk of reassessments of duties and related penalty and interest.

If needed, we’ll even take the case to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). At the Tribunal, DB Schenker Customs Consulting tries more cases across every industry sector than all other consultants and brokers combined. If we don’t win the case – the client does not pay!

FTA (Free Trade Agreements) Maintenance Program

A set of customized solutions designed to maximize your company’s ability to benefit from all of Canada’s Free Trade Agreements (ie. NAFTA/CUSMA/USMCA, CETA, CPTPP, etc).  Our FTA specialists will help you improve compliance, reduce and/or eliminate customs duties and optimize cross-border trading opportunities.

For more information on our programs, contact us at

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