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Intermodal Solutions

By combining land transport, air cargo and ocean freight solutions, you can find the right balance between cost and time - adding flexibility to your supply chain.  

As an industry-leader in logistics, our team will help you find the best forwarding and logistics services to meet your business goals.  How do we do it:

With DB SCHENKERskybridge, we optimize your freight forwarding route to:

  • Reduce freight costs in comparison with a standard airfreight shipment
  • Reduce transit time in comparison with a standard ocean freight shipment
  • Provide a cost-effective freight option for delayed ocean shipments
  • Provide an option for tight capacity or expensive airfreight markets and lanes 

By combining air cargo and ocean freight solutions, you can find the right balance between cost and time – adding flexibility to your supply chain.  

DB SCHENKERskybridge is available on all key routes from Asia via the West Coast to Latin America and from Asia to Europe.


  • Speed and flexibility to suit your customers’ needs
  • Access across the country, regionally or across the world
  • Reduced costs

Additional Services

Storage, packaging, labeling, quality controlling or order picking - to name just a few services – can be arranged around the forwarding and transportation services respectively. DB Schenker tailors the transport-related logistics services to meet the customer´s requirements.

The security of your cargo is of utmost importance to us.  DB Schenker Canada is considered a forerunner in cargo security through its use of initiatives such as AAMS (Advanced Manifest System). Similar rules are in place in other countries such as Australia, Mexico and India and China.

We offer a wide-array of supply-chain security solutions in order to protect your cargo during both warehousing and transport. No matter where your cargo is located or headed; we can offer suitable security solutions on a global level.

Play it safe, our experts accurately manage customs processes at origin and destination to ensure flawless operations and to avoid delays and costs.

DB Schenker’s experts around the globe can help you make sense of it all and ensure accurate customs services in accordance with the latest regulatory requirements. 

Our focus is to have the correct product information at the right time to ensure efficiency and compliance.  We have the competence to help you deal with the most complex international trade rules and regulations.

We take the complexity out of insurance and the risk out of shipping offering a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to meet the changing needs of today’s sophisticated cargo shippers. Our experienced risk management professionals will work to ensure all your coverage needs are met. Through Schenker’s risk management solutions, our brokers and underwriters obtain coverage for your shipments in a prompt manner anywhere in the world.  Our cargo insurance policies can be customized based on your individual needs and we can offer you an affordable policy that will mitigate potentially large financial losses in the event you suffer a loss or damage.

We’ve got you covered, whether you are a one-time shipper or a large multinational with a complex supply chain.

As pioneers of innovative logistics solutions, we at DB Schenker are committed to becoming the leading sustainable, green logistics provider. As pioneers of innovative logistics solutions, we at DB Schenker are committed to becoming the leading sustainable, green logistics provider.

Container Drayage

Importing goods by ocean rail is one challenge, but getting them from the rail yard or port to the customer is another. Once your shipment arrives, it must be cleared through customs, picked up from the rail yard, moved to a warehouse and deconsolidated or delivered direct. If deconsolidated, the end customer must be notified, a delivery must be scheduled and the goods are then shipped. Get all of these steps right and the customer may order from you again. Get any of them wrong and the customer can face delays, incur fees and maybe even the loss of business.

To manage this multi-stage logistical process, we’ve created a DB Schenker Central Dispatch Service (SCDS). This service handles our customers shipments from the moment it arrives at the rail yard to the moment the customer takes delivery – whether it’s a simple Full Container Load (FCL) intact delivery or a complicated distribution.

Here are some benefits of our SCDS:

Reduce costs: Customers can avoid costly rail yard storage fees because we store their shipments in our local warehouses. There is also a reduction to their delivery charges because we consolidate all of their shipments.

Enjoy peace of mind: We arrange delivery appointments and handle their freight needs. We also handle any customs paperwork before a carrier is dispatched to pick it up.

Gain easy access to important supply chain information: Whether the shipment is moving through Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax, details are stored on our database and are accessible by DB Schenker personnel anywhere. The customers can also track their shipments online, rail or port appointments, delivery appointments, find Proof of Delivery status and empty returns.

Know we are capably serving the end customers: Once the goods arrive, we will notify our customers and arrange delivery appointments. If they have questions, we have a dedicated help line that they can call to promptly get their answers.

Be able to move goods accurately: We track shipments twice a day and update our systems accordingly, ensuring that shipments do not get delayed in storage.

Flatbed Service

With our Flat Bed Specialized Division we can quickly and efficiently pair irregular or oversized shipments that are too big to fit in a typical van or truck with the correct equipment.

By choosing this service our customers receive:

Purchasing power through our carrier network: With our extensive network of providers we can source the Flat Bed transport that is perfectly suited to their needs throughout North America.

Save time: We spend our time finding the customer a transport solution including route surveys, over dimensional planning, etc.

The equipment power you need: Whether it's steel, concrete, machinery, plastic pipe or lumber, we have the expertise to move your loads by Flat Bed and provide the care and attention required. Flat Bed Trailers - (from 43' - 53'), Double-Drop Trailers - 11'6" Height max. (from 25' to 30' Lower Deck), Step Deck or Drop Deck Trailers - 10' Height max. (from 34' - 42' Lower Deck), Extreme Trailers - up to 150', Specialized Equipment Trailers for other applications such as: oversized loads, (including permits and escort loads), double drop trailers, boom trucks or detachable and tilt trailers.

Choose exactly how you want your goods moved: We tailor the solution to their needs. Customers choose how fast they want the goods moved, how they want them handled and how we can help deliver their shipments perfectly.

When it comes to non-standard shipments, DB Schenker’s Flat Bed Service is uniquely positioned to our customers goods to their destination on time.

Aftermarket & Reverse Logistics

DB Schenker’s Aftermarket & Reverse Logistics are designed to support Spare Parts and Returns Handling needs. With our global and regional coverage, robust transportation network and industry-leading logistics experience, our Aftermarket & Reverse Logistics solutions can help you reduce your service costs and waste. 

Our Reverse Logistics solutions minimize the cost and increase the velocity of the most complex area of the supply chain -- returns.  We combine consolidated transportation with specific reverse center processes and systems to provide:

  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) Processing
  • Return parts verification
  • Returns inspection and disposition
  • Replacement and warranty check
  • Return to vendor
  • Asset recovering
  • Recycling

Our Spares Logistics solutions ensure successful maintenance service on a global and regional level. Our infrastructure allows us to set up a spares network to support the individual after markets of our customers.

Our Spares Logistics Services include:

  • Just-In-Time delivery to supply maintenance programs for end customer
  • Time based service levels
  • Transport consolidation and optimization
  • Last mile delivery
  • Transport and logistic coordination by control centre concept

Freight Management Services

We solve your overall logistics needs and start with the designing and engineering of your customized logistics solution. A Control Tower is set up, which makes it possible for us to manage, operate and monitor your ongoing logistics needs. We purchase all transports and logistics services on the open market. Using our vast network, experience and expertise we work to lower your costs, to speed up your operation and to increase your overall sustainability and efficiency.

This means that we, as a 4PL, contract all carriers and take responsibility for capacity, service and quality.

  • We guarantee capacity; the Control Tower daily manages the transport bookings and finding capacity
  • We make certain the highest level of service performance; the Control Tower daily ensures that the service is maintained
  • We provide rate certainty; no surprise of carriers calling for new rates as the business model for 4PL is tariff based, so rate transparency is identified in advance.

Our Land Transport Products

eSchenker: It's so easy

eSchenker is our most advanced logistic solution yet. It incorporates all eServices into one portal, giving you maximum support at every stage of your supply chain. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, eSchenker has your logistics covered.


The easy-to-use eSchenker tracking tool gives you real-time information about the location and status of your shipment, and its current estimated time of delivery. Allocation of a tracking number means that you can access detailed shipment data online without having to log in. Our tracking technology has now been upgraded with an even more detailed overview and status information for each of your shipments.

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