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    Art Logistics

    Schenker Deutschland AG offers tailored logistics solutions for museums, galleries, art-lovers and trade fair organizers who have to make arrangements for the transport of their precious objets d'art. Make sure your sensitive logistics needs are in the best of hands - so that you can devote your full attention to what you do best.

    Our Service:
    The art of customized packaging:
    Special services:

    DB SCHENKER | art - customized arts logistics integrated into the worldwide DB Schenker network. Quality is no accident - DB SCHENKER | art is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

    Additional Services

    • We provide museums with tailor-made concepts for the transport of unique artifacts with courier support and extending to the handling of an entire art exhibition. Using special state-of-the-art equipment to master any challenge.

      We handle your objects d'art with the necessary sensitivity at all times, guaranteeing precision, high-tech service along every inch of the journey.

      The transport of your irreplaceable artifacts is handled only by highly qualified and experienced personnel. Our intelligent safety concepts covering the entire transport chain ensure that your sensitive goods are always in the best of hands – whether inside Germany, within Europe or on transcontinental routes.

      With DB Schenker, both outsized artifacts that are too big for any truck and tiny objects that are easy to overlook are transported safely and speedily to their destination. 

      DB SCHENKER | art cooperates directly with the exhibition managers, restorers, exhibition architects and art experts as early as the project planning phase. Permanent security checks on employees, storage rooms, transport vehicles and equipment are basic requirements.

    • A high-profile presence at art fairs and an original and frequently changing exhibition program are key to the success of your business - and this naturally calls for a high level of logistics expertise.

      The transportation of pictures to art fairs and the handling of these pictures once they arrive at the venue are time-sensitive issues and need to be well organized. This means first-rate logistics for packaging, transport and customs clearance are fundamental to the success of the venture.

      DB Schenker's gallery service provides the requisite expertise to handle these jobs effectively – and also offers consolidated transports to virtually all the major art fairs around the globe, be it in Berlin, Cologne, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Seoul or Basel.

      DB Schenker is also your partner of choice for highly specific transport services, when your pictures need to be transported to private "preview" showings or to other galleries. No matter how big or small the overall shipment - we can provide you with a tailored concept for your transport needs.

    • Special control procedures approved by the LBA are permitted as a derogation from the provisions of Regulation (EU) 185/2010 in accordance with point 6.2.2.b of the Annex to Commission Decision C (2010)774 on the control of museum goods.

      Special control procedures approved by the LBA for the loan transports of museums

      • Museums do not require Known Consignor status.
      • The deviating procedure is accepted exclusively for the loan traffic of museums in the context of the transport of art objects.
      • For this purpose, a museum is a non-profit, permanent institution serving society and its development, open to the public, which acquires, preserves, researches, communicates and exhibits material evidence of man and his environment for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment.
      • Objects of art are those listed in Section XXI, Chapter 97 of Regulation (EU) 861/2010, unless specifically excluded therein. Photographs are not covered unless they fall under 9706 00 00.
      • The regulated agent must inspect the art object by means of an air cargo security checker (LSKK) before packing by appropriate procedure (manual inspection/visual inspection).
      • The LSKK must supervise the entire packing process itself
      • After packing, the now secure cargo must be immediately handed over to a regulated agent in the case of individual consignments. For large exhibitions, the handover to the regulated agent must take place after 72 hours at the latest

      Cultural heritage services

      • More than 40 locations with the status of a Regulated Agent at all air freight locations in Germany and art logistics locations
      • Own X-ray facility at Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Munich airports
      • Max. Package size: 170 cm width x approx. 170 cm height
      • Max. Package weight: 1,000 kg
      • Own explosives detection equipment ( ETD/Sniffer) Frankfurt am Main and Munich
      • Certified aviation security screeners (LSKK) for manual/visual screening at our locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main and Munich
      • Provision of LSKK nationwide by arrangement and prior notification

    • Our service on arrival, transit or departure:

      • Cargo monitoring from the arrival of the plane to the loading in the art transporter and vice versa.
      • Supervision of palletization in courier assistance
      • Courier assistance at the cargo area and at the terminal of the airport
      • Courier assistance also for hand luggage shipments
      • Comprehensive security service
      • Security settings/overnight stays
      • Planning and booking of courier trips

      In cooperation with SW Zoll-Beratung GmbH DB SCHENKER | art offers a portfolio of services that is very well adapted to the most diverse requirements:

      • Fast, reliable and secure customs processing for all customs procedures
      • Design and handling of customs services integrated into the supply chain
      • Complete support of companies in customs matters
      • Central processing of incoming customs clearance
      • Centralized authorizations for all common procedures
      • Greatest possible simplification of processes
      • Expert advice as well as fiscal representation
      • Compliance and risk management
      • ATLAS - NCTS – AES
      • Support for AEO permit applications

      Website of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt

      Website of the DB Museum

    Our Art Logistics Experts in Germany

    The specialists at DB SCHENKER art are always on hand to provide you with advice and assistance.

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