Whether you are relocating your company or moving your family home,
DB SCHENKERmove guarantees that everything will go smoothly. We offer a reliable relocation service in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Whatever your move involves, you can be sure that our specialists will find the fastest, most secure and most economical way to combine road, air, rail and sea travel.

  • Location Berlin
    Post code: 01000-28999; 49300-49999; 99000-99999
  • Location Brunswick
    Post code: 29000-33999; 37000-39999; 49000-49299
  • Location Cologne
    Post code: 34000-35999; 40000-48999; 50000-69999
  • Location Munich
    Post code: 36000-36999; 70000-98999

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