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Woman cooking with the wood gasifier stove
Woman sitting in her house using the wood gasifier stoves
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DB Schenker moves for atmosfair

The efforts in the third quarter of our internal Leading the Way challenge will go to the charitable organization atmosfair. Together with atmosfair we are supporting a pilot project in West Bengal, India by subsidizing the sale of highly efficient wood gasifier stoves. In Burkina Faso, West Africa we support the expansion of the drinking water networks with more water kiosks. Find out more about the projects we support:

Project India: Efficient wood gas stoves

With our help, atmosfair will subsidize the sale of highly efficient wood gasifier stoves in West Bengal, India. Wood gas stoves allow for efficient and smoke-free cooking and also produce charcoal that can be used or sold. This improves the economic situation of locals and simultaneously supports the conservation of Mangrove forests and its biodiversity including the Bengal Tiger.

Woman sitting on the floor using the wood gas stove

The total project carbon saving is 4500 tonnes of CO2 emission reduction and 850 tonnes of CO2 carbon sink per year from 2000 gasifier stoves.

Efficient wood gas stoves program | atmosfair

Project West Africa: Drinking water in Burkina Faso

We support atmosfair with the installation and operation of several water kiosks across Burkina Faso to provide locals access to safe drinking water. This will lead to a reduction of adverse health effects related to waterborne diseases associated with unsafe water usage and related to harmful gases during combustion of firewood for boiling water.

Group of people lined up at the water kiosk looking towards it

The total project carbon saving is up to 400 tonnes of CO2 emission reduction.

Solar water desalination system | atmosfair

About atmosfair

atmosfair is a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO2 mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. They rely exclusively on voluntary climate payments from private individuals and businesses. Aiming to decarbonize the world economy, they designed their software tools and consulting services to assist businesses in executing climate policies, with a particular focus on business travel. Their work ethic is based on the following principle: only compensate what can’t be avoided or reduced. This approach constitutes the foundation for all their partnerships, ensuring not only climate integrity but also cost efficiency.

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Leading The Way Challenge

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