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A girl in a colorful clothing and a hat smiling into the camera
4 young smiling children standing next to each other in a field wearing colorful clothing
A girl in colorful cloths holding a bunch of radishes in her arm
Two girls sitting next to each other at desk at school, writing in their books
A girl and a man with glasses standing on a field holding crops

DB Schenker moves for a humanitarian cause

The efforts in the fourth and last quarter of our internal Leading the Way challenge will go to a charitable humanitarian organization which is driving change in advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.

In a cooperation we help to improve living conditions so that children and young people can develop freely and in good health, regardless of their origin, religion or the political conditions prevailing in their country. Find out more about the projects we support:

Project Guatemala: Healthy Children Despite Climate Change

Guatemala is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. The effects on the population and the country's infrastructure are severe. The resulting poverty and malnutrition have fatal consequences for children in particular and can lead to delayed mental and physical development, learning problems and an increased risk of disease. With our support we want to improve food security and strengthen resilience to the impacts of climate change.

A girl in colorful cloths holding a bunch of radishes in her arm

Project activities:
- Entrepreneurship training & clubs for 700 young women​
- Workshops on healthy nutrition, mother-child health and hygiene
- Workshops for 120 teachers on environmental education

In total, 700 young women, 1,000 mothers and 120 teachers from 40 schools benefit from the project activities.

Project Malawi: Youth Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Malawi has a very young population, but the country still lacks youth-friendly and gender-sensitive health services. Cultural norms prevent the creation of these services and thus deny young people access to information about their sexual and reproductive rights. The Malawian society is characterized by traditional role models. 42 percent of Malawian women are married before their 18th birthday. This tradition increases the risk of early pregnancies. Girls and young women in particular are often denied the right to self-determination. We are helping to strengthen the sexual and reproductive health and rights of children, adolescents and young adults with or without disabilities.

4 young smiling children standing next to each other in a field wearing colorful clothing

Project activities:
- Training of 140 young community workers to provide sexual health counselling to their peers
- Vocational training for young mothers and young women to empower them economically
- Establishment of 60 saving groups for micro-enterprises

In total 82,000 people in the Mzimba district benefit from the project activities.

Project Laos: Sustainable agriculture and climate protection

The Bokeo region in northern Laos is strongly characterized by poverty. Many people live from rice cultivation. The lack of diversification in agriculture and low awareness of healthy nutrition leads to malnutrition and undernourishment. Climate change has increased droughts in Laos, making it difficult to grow rice. When food stocks are insufficient, many families borrow rice in rice banks at high interest rates and quickly fall into a cycle of poverty. The droughts also affect the water supply. With this project we aim to improve living conditions in rural areas through adaptation to climate change and innovative agriculture.

A girl and a man with glasses standing on a field holding crops

Project activities:
- Construction and establishment of two agricultural learning centres
- Training on sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship
- Support for the establishment of micro-enterprises
- Promotion of water storage tanks and solar pumps

In total 2,750 people in 16 communities in the Bokeo region benefit from the project activities.

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