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Alan breaking the myth about accountants with his positivism and "can do" attitude

Meet Alan, an energetic professional that likes to face new challenges every day. Alan is successfully breaking down the myth about accountants being introverted or dull by bringing positivism and a "can do" attitude in every activity he's involved. 

Today we are interviewing Alan, Senior Accounts Receivable Accountant with Polish language within Logistics Poland Team, that has joined DB Schenker GBS back in March 2017. Alan is a native Polish language speaker that moved to Romania when he was in middle school, and as a child he fell in love with both numbers and parkour. As a sports lover he learned how to play fair and how to keep his positive attitude even in hard times. As part of our team, he has demonstrated a strong will to help people and dedication in everything he does.

Portrait of Alan

"The thing I appreciate the most about DB Schenker GBS is the vibe full of positivity from the whole company." - Alan

What was the thing that most impressed you while being in the recruitment process for a position at DB Schenker GBS? 

What I liked most was the positivity and openness I received from the recruitment team, the fact that I was able to talk about myself as a friend, feeling that my place is in this company.

What helped you adapt to our organizational culture? 

The team played a very important role in the fact that I was welcomed with open arms by everyone, receiving from the beginning their help and from managers, that I could accommodate very easily. 

What do you appreciate the most about DB Schenker GBS? 

The thing I appreciate the most is the vibe full of positivity from the whole company, always feeling like a family.  

How does the company contribute to your professional development? 

Through the multitude of courses, professional development programs and useful information through the company's e-learning platform, as well as the help of our professional trainers. 

What differentiates DB Schenker GBS from any other employer in the market? 

First, the organization, the fact that we have everything very well prepared to develop and grow in the company from the beginning.