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    Startup Terminal

    We are the partner of choice for corporate startup collaborations.

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    Welcome to DB SCHENKER STARTup terminal – nice to see you here and thank you for showing interest into our work. We are the team that translates business needs into clear strategic fields for operation and startup scouting, we are the ones to match your startup solution with the right contact person in the business and functional units. Together we find relevant use-cases in the organization and define and align KPIs for the pilot phase, celebrate successes, change, sweat and walk the extra mile where it is needed. We are the ones pushing the startup solutions in the organization and help you grow, pivot and excel your growth journey.

    Why terminal? Well, quite literal, we do have a lot of terminals, and at the end of the day, a terminal at its core has the function to inbound a delivery, reorganize it and then bring it to the right outbound gate. That pretty much sums it up what we are doing with you as a startup. In the logo you perhaps find a hint towards a package, pallet, box, container, - at least we do – and the little dot – that is you, the startup.

    Group photo of the startup terminal team

    "We are the partner of choice for corporate startup collaborations."

    Mission Statement DB SCHENKER | STARTup terminal

    We protect you, empower you, help you grow and guide you when things go south.

    We know innovation is chaotic, uncertain and fast – and it is our job to translate that into the corporate culture and processes – it might take some time, but rest assured, once we are moving, there is a unstoppable power behind it which helps you in your growth journey. 

    Stay hungry for innovation and be bold. 

    Your global DB SCHENKER STARTup terminal team 

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      Startup screen

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    • 63

      Scaled standard operation

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      Still active in standard operation

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