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Beatrice seeing the best in people and making her technical role a fun and creative one

Meet Beatrice, people enthusiast with a passion for solving challenges and making work fun every day.

Today we are talking to our colleague, Beatrice, Administrator Identity & Access Management part of Access Management, Testing and Support team. Beatrice is in love with volunteering and is also an administrator of well-being projects at a local level. In August 2018 she joined DB Schenker and since then she tried to combine fun & creativity at work, as key elements in her life, both professionally and personally.

Creativity is one of the key-elements in my life, both professionally and personally.

Portrait of Beatrice


What brought you at DB Schenker GBS? Tell us a bit about your career path.

I joined DB Schenker 3 years ago, in August 2019, as part of Access Management team. I remember being nervous as I did not know what to expect next and how well I would fit in the team. But, shortly after, I’ve discovered the opportunities that were waiting ahead of me. I’ve enrolled in the WOW Lab team as a well-being administrator and got the opportunity to work on various projects and interact with many other colleagues within the company. Also, in my team, there are so many things going on, like new collaborations, projects, trainings, performing audit checks and reports. And I know that I won’t stop here, so please ask me the same question also next year 😉 

What’s the best part about working at DB Schenker GBS? 

Working from home? No, I’m joking. I’m not really a fan of this as I like interacting with other people face to face. But even though I cannot do that, I’m enjoying the fact that I got in contact with so many good people.  And the best part of it is when I get involved in brainstorming sessions with my colleagues and think about new ideas and improvements. Sometimes the results can be impressive. 😊

Portrait of Beatrice

What helped you adapt to the organizational culture?  

The onboarding sessions clearly made me connect with other people from the company. I remember that from the first days I already knew some of them with whom I could share a happy “Good morning!”. Also, I got a friendly attitude from my team colleagues and people from other departments with whom we collaborate. New ideas and perspectives were appreciated from the beginning and this made me be open, adapt and communicate easily.

Describe your activity/job in 3 words. 
Communication, learning and, of course, growth. 

Portrait of Beatrice

What’s unique about your job? / what makes your job fun? 
Hmm, I would say that my job is fun because I like to make it that way. It’s not about waiting for the opportunities to come but creating them. And creativity is one of the key-elements in my life, both professionally and personally. I like to do my daily tasks, but at the same time I like other challenges, like solving difficult cases, taking over or creating projects from scratch. My definition for “fun” would be growing and learning. And seeing the results is what makes me try even harder.

Why would you recommend Schenker to a friend? 
Because Schenker is a community. One where we can connect, collaborate, grow together and learn from each other.