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Our culture

At DB Schenker Global Business Services Bucharest, we support and promote Schenker core values. Our values define our identity and how we get things done. Our company culture contributes to our ongoing success and serves as a foundation for our very own DNA. 

To us, delivering value to our partners is just as important as the services we deliver. How do we do that? We boost a future-fit culture in our organization focused on the engagement and development of our employees.

Shared values are key to our success

Our company culture contributes to our ongoing success and serves as a foundation for our very own DNA.
We create a work environment based on developing high-quality solutions for our customers and setting international benchmarks today for efficient logistics of tomorrow. At DB Schenker, six company values underpin the longstanding successful partnerships our people have developed, and our long-term goals for the future.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values Play Fair Be Honest

Play fair, be honest

Mutual respect, trust and honesty are crucial to the success of our diverse global teams — and to our business as a whole. We foster openness and fairness because these tenets help us to be self-reflective and allow us to look at things empathetically — both from different angles and from the perspective of others. We are proud of our achievements, we learn from our mistakes, and we see any setback as a challenge to do better next time. This encourages continual improvement while supporting our culture of open and honest feedback.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values One Team One Goal

Be one team with one goal

As firm believers in the power of teamwork, we challenge ourselves — and each other — to aim higher every day. Together, we seek to broaden our horizons and build on our strengths. As a vital piece of one of the largest transport and logistics networks in the world, each and every one of us contributes to the success of our global team. We are not deterred by obstacles, and we are all committed to consistently working to the best of our ability. We find the best way to overcome challenges by pooling our knowledge and expertise. That way, our success is always the result of the team as a whole.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values Walk the Talk

Walk the talk

We don’t just talk about our goals, we strive to achieve them. With our focus on making the world more sustainable, everyone at DB Schenker is encouraged to shape our culture and future success. Each and every one of us leads by example and takes ownership for his or her decisions and results. Individual actions are universally aligned with our company’s values and vision, and we support others to do the same. With this foundation, we can all take pride in the work we deliver and in the future we help create.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values Win Together

Win together

Our global solutions should not be designed solely to benefit us, so we focus on creating maximum value for our partners, customers and stakeholders. We take a holistic approach and seek out strong partners and opportunities along our entire value chain. We are confident that by working together, and by being on an equal footing with our partners, we gain the opportunity to be much more than just a service provider. Our internal teams, customers, and business partners all benefit from this approach – everybody wins.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values Push Limits

Push limits

For us, there are no limits — only opportunities. We question the way things are, and look for better, more efficient and innovative solutions beyond our immediate context. We have a positive approach to making mistakes that helps us to break new ground with no fear of potential obstacles. We have been pushing these limits since DB Schenker’s foundation, and we continue to do so. We are always working to be a driving force in the logistics sector when it comes to innovation that benefits everyone.

DB Schenker Culture Shared Values Take Customers Further

Take customers further

To ensure shared success, we focus on each and every DB Schenker customer individually. We look at the world through our customers’ eyes, and then proactively offer innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Like the transport and logistics industry itself, we never stop. We are always developing valuable relationships within our business and with our new and existing customers. We are tirelessly dedicated to our customers and empower them to be successful. After all, we know that their satisfaction is the bedrock of our success. 

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Diversity @ DB Schenker

We are proud of our diverse workforce and we are ready to foster it furthermore. We aim to create equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. Employees are the core of our organization; we are working on becoming Top Employer and we will reach this goal only when we empower all the strengths of all the different employees.
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