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Development opportunities

We want you to stay with us as long as possible; that is why we are accompanying you from your first day and invest in your future. Tell us who you want to be, and we will support you to meet your aspirations. Many internal open job positions and projects will enable you to acquire new skills. 

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We know that starting a new job is both an exciting and stressful experience. Therefore, we want to make sure you start your journey in the best way possible with constant support. In your first month with us you will meet your new team, understand better your role and the organization. From day 1 you will have the support of a colleague that will be your "buddy". In the first 90 days you will start your learning journey with us. This is comprised of trainings, e-learnings, shadowing sessions with an experienced colleague, discussions with your manager.
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Career Management

We want you to join us and grow professionally with us. To respect this commitment, we constantly put an effort to support your development. You will be the one leading the Career Planning process, your manager and the organization being there to guide you, to offer recommendations, to offer access to learning solutions & career opportunities. We will encourage you to have career conversations with your manager and define what is your next step. To support your growth, you will create an Individual Development Plan which contains actions that you are going to take in order to achieve your development goals.
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Learning & Development

We are a learning organization and we believe learning starts from day 1 and should never stop, no matter your role. Our learning portfolio is vast and constantly growing, to keep up with our colleagues’ needs and the market trends. We have a learning platform where you can find a palette of e-learnings on both technical & soft skills topics. We have a team of experienced trainers and learning agents who work on creating and delivering trainings & workshops to offer our colleagues the chance to practice and exchange ideas. As learning is not just training, we have other programs like mentoring & cross shadowing which give you the opportunity to learn from other colleagues.
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Performance Management

We are a company that is driven by offering the best results to our clients. Each one of our colleagues plays an important role in our success. In this way we want to make sure you have all the tools to perform your tasks well. At the beginning of the year, you will set with your manager your objectives. You and your manager will have constant check ins on your performance, you will receive feedback and get the chance to ask for support.