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Check our benefit offer!

When you feel great, we do too, that’s why we have a broad benefit offer to choose from. You will get access to the medical package, sports cards, life insurance, bonuses, extended training package, language online training, external training, and much more. Check the whole list:

  • Meal tickets 
  • Cultural voucher for your birthday 
  • Day off on your birthday 
  • Private medical & life insurance 
  • Discounts for World Class and 7card 
  • Borrow your favorite books through Bookster 
  • Access to online platforms with discounts
  • Performance and productivity will be rewarded based on your achievements 
  • Soft & technical skills training 
  • Opportunity to shift your career across different departments 
  • Sport, relaxation & engagement activities during working hours
  • Flex time for your working schedule
  • Possibility to work from home 
  • Xbox corner, boxing room, sleeping room & thematic areas in the office 
  • Christmas / Summer Party & other social events 


Do you have any questions? We are here to help and give advice on any topics. 

We look forward to receiving your query!