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We care about how our colleagues feel, therefore it's our purpose to develop projects and initiatives that contribute to their wellbeing. 

Take a look at some of our initiatives!

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Movie nights

Every few weeks, we like to end our days together by watching a movie. This activity targets well-being and helps us relax and disconnect from the day-to-day concerns. We like to switch the genre every time, laugh or debate the movie theme.
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Book Club

We successfully connect colleagues that share the same passion - reading. Together we discover wonderful journeys and new adventures and it’s a great way to meet new colleagues and enrich ourselves.
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Talks @ SGBS

Talks @ SGBS is an exciting wellbeing initiative in the virtual environment. We invite colleagues from all departments and guests to debate personal development topics. It’s a great way to relax, engage and share great insights.
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Psychological counseling program

Psychological Counseling program is an initiative meant to increase employee wellbeing. Whether we are talking about a stressful period at work, a difficult time in our personal lives or the need to get an advised opinion, the possibility to talk to a psychotherapist helps in finding solutions.
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Sports club

If you’re into sports, we organize in-house sport & relax activities such as yoga, fitness sessions & outdoor activities. Plus, we also have a boxing room at the office where you can get rid of stress and lose some calories.

Besides these, our wellbeing ambassadors always come up with new ideas and can implement them.