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Case Study Asia LANDbridge – cross border trucking from China to Cambodia

One of our telecom customers, who usually ships via Ocean Freight, contacted the Asia LANDbridge desk for the transport of 1x40HC container by road from Shenzhen in China to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Customer requirements

As first-time users of our Asia LANDbridge service, they were mostly interested in the excellent transit times. This was their most important requirement, especially due to the current delays in Ocean Freight. Another key customer requirement was that the shipment would be 100% trackable during the 3,250 km journey.

Our cross border trucking solution

Thanks to the LANDbridge solution the customer requirements were fully met. Total transit time, from arrival at Shenzhen port to the consignee (door to door) in Phnom Penh, was 14 days. With less congestion at the port and faster customs approval processes, which are currently impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the transit time can be reduced to 12 days. This compares to 21 days, if the customer had shipped the container by Ocean Freight only. For the customer, the fast transit times greatly offset the slightly higher costs of Land Freight compared to Ocean Freight.

For shipment tracking, the customer had full 24/7 visibility using the eSchenker platform.

This seamless Land transport solution can be provided thanks to DB Schenker’s extensive network in Asia Pacific. Especially for customs clearance, it makes a big difference to have local teams present at the key border crossings.

What’s next?

The customer improved its supply chain in APAC thanks to the Land solution offered by the DB Schenker teams in China and Cambodia and is currently considering more land shipments using the Asia LANDbridge solution.

To learn more about our Asia LANDbridge supply chain solutions, please get in touch with the team via email