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Innovation DB Schenker

Innovation & Digitalization Insights

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing and challenging the status quo – in order to develop the best solutions – beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.

“If you always do what you have always done,
 you will always get what you have always got”

Henry Ford

For this reason we question our own processes and consistently lean our procedures to increase efficiency and sustainability for everyone. As a global leading logistics provider, DB Schenker actively shapes the logistics of tomorrow by evaluating trends and technologies running pilot projects, identifying and driving digital and data-related business models. Take a look at the examples below to explore some of our innovative solutions and fields of action.

  • Autonomous driving & platooning – We at DB Schenker are aware of the potential impacts autonomous driving will have in the future – therefore, we are one of the first logistics companies testing and applying such technologies
  • 3D-Printing – With our global network with leading 3D-industry partners, we offer our customers the best 3D-printing solutions
  • Virtual Supply Chain Management – We make use of intelligent algorithms and big data processing to optimize supply chains of our customers
  • Predictive Analytics – Recognizing patterns in large data sets does not only help to improve our operations but also predict supply chain dynamics of our customers.


Start-up Management

A strong network paired with the freshest ideas: DB Schenker engages in fruitful collaborations with innovative start-up businesses.

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Start-up Management DB Schenker

Open Innovation

At DB Schenker we strongly believe that many heads think better than one, especially when they come from different business sectors.

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DB Schenker Innovation Lab

Enterprise Lab

DB Schenker owns a state-of-the-art lab to develop and test the technologies which will shape tomorrow's logistics.

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Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

DB Schenker gains meaningful business insights from big data analytics that supports strategic, tactical, and operational decisions – for both us and our business partners.

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