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    Make use of our innovative and responsive logistics solutions to get your consumer goods supply chains in tune with your consumers.

    Get convinced on winning consumer logistics solutions

    Nothing is as dynamic and ever-changing as the consumer industry. New trends and innovations demand a continual optimization of your consumer goods supply chain management. And that's best done with an expert global team at your side.

    Our innovative logistics solutions, numerous consumer industry partners, and an extensive global network ensure that your consumer goods supply chain is always in the fast lane.

    Our industry know-how

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    Global network

    Our global network and strong local presence in countries throughout the world means you can always rely on dedicated warehouse solutions with leading-edge technology that drives and optimizes labor costs.

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    Tracking and monitoring

    Getting your wares to where they need to be is easy with our comprehensive tracking and monitoring solutions and international team of experts at your side. For faster times to market and an optimally running consumer goods supply chain.

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    Easy planning

    Enjoy a wide selection of digital solution design tools created to assist you in both the strategic and tactical planning of your distribution networks and facilities.

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    Flexible focus

    Whether it’s customs clearances and fairs, or exhibition services – our expertise, experience, and global reach guarantee your success regardless of focus area.

    Get in touch with our consumer experts

    Allan Kim

    Business development manager, VM Consumer & Retail

    +82 2 3140 0860

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