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    Oil and Gas

    Profit from tailor-made solutions for your oil and gas supply chain logistics with multimodal transport concepts and a team of energy industry experts dedicated to empowering your plans.

    Optimal logistics solutions for two crucial resources

    The world runs on energy: ensuring its safe, reliable, and effective delivery is key. We know how vital your oil and gas supply chain is. That’s why we offer diverse transportation solutions with a dense and connected network of global transport hubs.

    And while oil and gas have their own critical demands and regulations, you can count on us for expert consultation and project management along the entire service journey.

    Our industry know-how

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    Safety first

    We ensure that your logistics requirements not only live up to all international regulations but also fulfill our own strict guidelines. We continually invest in our safety program with policies, procedures, training, and development to deliver your investment safely and securely.

    Sustainable shipping

    Consider insetting sustainable fuel for your next freight shipment. Our range of services and products will help you reduce your carbon footprint while fostering beneficial change around the world.

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    Transport solutions

    Our global network of hubs and expert warehousing solutions provide you with the flexibility you need to keep your oil and gas supply chain lean, effective, and quickly adaptable to changing market circumstances.

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    Industry expertise

    Count on our energy sector experts to help you navigate the often complex world of oil and gas logistics. Their combined knowledge, expertise in the field, and end-to-end consultation ensures optimal outcomes for all your shipment goals.

    Contact our oil and gas experts

    Terry Kook

    Business Development Manager, GPIS

    +82 2 3140 0844

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