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Schenker Korea contributes to safe delivery of COVID-19 test kits to Norway

Following K-Pop and K-Beauty, Korea’s prevention of epidemic (“K-Quarantine”) is also drawing worldwide attention amidst COVID-19. This resulted in the increasing demand for Korea’s COVID-19 test kits, and, as if to prove the quality and excellence of K-Quarantine, a love call from Norway was received for the delivery of test kits from Korea to Norway.

Schenker Norway was appointed by the Norwegian government as the official supplier for logistics solutions related to critical medical supplies. Responding to this, Schenker Norway has reached out to Schenker Korea for support on understanding the market status of test kits preparation and providing air freight solutions.

The team made every effort to confirm all cargo details, and thereafter provided Schenker Norway the best air route and solution, hoping to contribute to the prevention of further spread of the virus as soon as possible. Upon Schenker Norway’s swift approval, we handled the safe delivery of 450,000 pcs from Korea to Norway during April and May.

To achieve more efficient communication, a group was created via SNS messenger that closely connects all related parties, including the supplier, the Norwegian Embassy, and Schenker Korea’s operation and capacity planning teams. As a result, all the tests kits were safely delivered to Norway in time without any issue.

This experience, apart from simple shipment handling, was definitely meaningful as Schenker Korea played a big role on conveying the excellence of K-Quarantine, enhancing the reputation of Korea and its relationship with Norway, contributing to prevention of COVID-19.

We would like to show our appreciation to all involved parties who put great effort and dedication to ensure seamless and safe delivery of not only test kits, but hope to the world. We wish COVID-19 will be over very soon, and the day that we can meet each other freely will come again by then. We wish you all safety and health!

- A manufacturer of healthcare tools
- The company produces Clinical Virus Transport Medium with Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal Swab (tools for Biopsy, Specimen Collection Swab (Sterile Packaged Individually))

Jungho Han (Air Export)